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Years ago. A Pic of my kids on one of my bikes. Derek and Michelle.

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Oh gosh.. I can't even remember last time I was here. Just had this sudden urge to see what's going on.Kinda surprised actually. Many that were here before, still are now. Some here are on my facebook...
Been thinking on this. Lots of people have a web server, why can't I?I program in about 10 computer languages, have about 25 yrs. Thinking I can pull it off. So I have decided to work on this. Here is...
I am going to use "everything" I have, to not use my "potty mouth" against the Republicans. I just "completely" don't understand them.I want to ask a few questions here? They are....1) How many Americ...
I am so fuccking "pissed". Everyone here knows "Kristy's dog" Kramer should win the contest... I don't know, I seen this a week late. Said "contest was closed". Well I tied. But "What the hell is up w...
I signed up awhile ago for this "1TVPC.COM" site. It's a site that is "supposed" to let you watch thousands of TV channels free for life with a paid membership.Ok, I paid for the thing. I am mainly wr...
My program is coming along. I really don't want to say all the features it has now. I just can say it is a VERY powerful webbrowser/web editor already. I personally think, it is the strongest already....
I rarely send "fwd" messages, tests or anything like that. Draco however sent me one that I really liked on facebook. So anyway, I am gonna repost it here. Check it out.. it's really cute.------------...
Awesome to me. Your daughter was able to see a doc. Get surgery. I am hoping all works for her. I will pray!I have to wonder however,, what you think about the "other 50 million" Americans. Those that...
Most of you probably think I am a "Drunk" that sits on the computer all day and plays video games. You would be "right" with that assumption. However, I am a little more then that.I am also an extreme...
Humm, probably shouldn't put it that way.. since Eddie actually owns this site. I'll rephrase.. "Eddie, I disagree" with your thoughts on "healthcare".. and if you disagree.. take one lick on my left ...
Draco, you gotta come to my facebook. I can't say how, I ain't no computer wiz (well maybe I am, but don't spend time messing with others programs). I can just say, I'd like ya there.I never searched ...
Ok.. This is how things "really work". Nobody in life wants to be told they are "wrong", Certainly nobody wants to be told how to live.My blogs center on one thing. One only. I just say what I feel. I...
I don't know. I may drop "Facbook". I still have to think about it.I love so "much about it", but then again I hate alot too. If there is anything I am, is "erratic", so I really can't say what I will...
There is a HUGE CHANCE, I may get a little stay in the county jail. I think I am ok with it. Good food, will know most everyone there. I am not that worried. Nobody gonna BF me.Another "huge chance" w...
PageEase 1.0 - Name will change before releaseI know I haven't been writing here much lately. To the "few" loyal readers I had.. I am sorry. I do plan to resume writing regular after Christmas.This po...