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Well, it is official...Pittsburgh did it again!!we are the CITY OF CHAMPIONS once again.We have the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup Champions!!!!Good work boys of winter!!Thanks for such hard work and ...
When I am wrong..I am the first to admit it.I still feel bad about what I did and I am going to tell all of you...even though it was very embarrassing for me.OK first off, let me preface this by sayin...
A blogger here by the name of Annie wrote a couple of days ago "..... Just how should a Christian act????? ..Well that question got me to thinking about a girl I knew probably 10 or so years ago. We w...
Has anyone noticed how badly people are driving lately?I don't know if it is regional or nation wide, but I am guessing the latter.People are so focused on their life, and where they had to be 10 minu...
Seems I have lost something and I am unable to find it at the moment.The thing I have lost is very important to a healthy and happy life.It is nothing really tangible, nothing you can hold in your han...
So yeah, I absolutely love CSI has become one of my favorite shows of all times.I watch the reruns on Spike TV mostly. Could say it has sorta become an addiction. CSI at times has subject m...
I have not blogged in time nor desire to sit and write.However, I have been reading lots of your blogs here.I really enjoy reading about your lives, loves and anything else you can think of ...
I sometimes think that the only reason people come here (including myself) is to bitch and moan and complain about life... love and the state of the union. For a moment, I thought this may be a bad th...
Well, had enough of Blogster...never got any I am glad to have found mybloggers..seems that there are a few ex Blogster people here..maybe we can get them all to move!! ...