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Moving is self harassment.It sucks.Sleep doesn't exist.Addresses mix up.Who did/didn't I call?Ask for help; fuck that. I hate that.It's also tiring.And it's hungering.I'm hungery.This is lame....
Maybe I've forgotten how to socialize.I don't know.I'm in the midst of moving for the 7th?...8th?...9th?...time in the last 6 or 7 years;and that includes a condo--which I sold back in november--that ...
Impetigo, silicosis, and eczema are all skin complaints.It's been exactly one month since I posted.I was in Janet Land from Dec 23rd Through January 4th.My mother's dog tried to fuck my leg earlier th...
Get your minds out of the gutter. I’m not talking about bestiality. I don’t know if it’s a slang term specific to Canadians, but Janet was the one I got this from. It means take it easy (particu...
I was planning on giving Janet a “Major Award” for Christmas.She doesn’t want it. She says it’s such a guy thing to want to buy.She found out that I wanted to give her the award because she go...
You may see a ghost.Tuesday night, Jay, Davey, and I went to the Rhumbline for a couple beers and shots, and some sweet potato fries.I still sorta had my dink in a knot over totaling my car. And I fig...
water can kill.luckily, it didn't kill me.or anyone else.flakes, everywhere driving down,look so benign.driving I-89 south.I saw 4,5 cars that had taken a ditch,I wasn't worried.I had fish0tailed twic...
So… 100-150 special guests will be coming to tour our new digs tomorrow.The exhibit hall is almost ready. There’s a dugout boat, really just a tree trunk hollowed out like a bread bowl.A 12,13 foo...
From we folks at the permit office:
i took a different return path from janet land. Avoided Quebec altogether. Crossed back over to the US at Alexandria Bay, NY. Made it home in 9 hrs; it’s supposed to take 10+ going that route… tha...
it’s gloomy and crappy and cold here, but in a matter of a very few hours I will be in Janet Land and I am psyched. I love that girl no end, and the little people stole my heart long ago. They are c...
Another 'this is me'....First memory remembered: On a gurney,staring at the ceiling, at a flourescent donut light curled into the shape of a baloon worm.Pale-yellow, smooth walls, white ceiling.A zepp...
to see if i fixed the video settings on the cam. CIMG1514 from
It's grainy. i forgot to set it right. future vids will be clear. This was the road trip home......