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Arts & Culture > Poetry & Prose > Now You See Her by J Patterson & M Ledwidge

Now You See Her by J Patterson & M Ledwidge

Nina Bloom would seem to have a dream life. She has a successful career as a lawyer. She has a teenaged girl getting ready to head off to college with a good chance of getting into Brown University. Everyone would want to have her life. In fact, she was just one such person wishing for a better life.

When Nina was in college, her name was Jeanine, and she had gone down to Key West on Spring Break with a group of friends and her boyfriends. Things went terribly wrong, and it all started when she walked in to find her best friend sleeping with her boyfriend. She was drink and wanted revenge so she decided to take his car and go for a ride. Before she knew it, she was on a beach-side road with a body behind the car and a police officer asking questions.

That police officer was Peter Fournier, a successful transplant from the Boston area. After hearing the sad story of being an orphan and the events leading up to her hitting the man, who turned out to be the local drunk/druggie and a hoodlum. He took her in and helped her hide the body. The two ended up married, and Jeanine and Peter became a dream couple: him with a successful career in the police force and helping the FBI deal with drug runners, and she working with a friend who was a caterer.

As Jeanine and Peter were building their lives together, a serial killer dubbed the Jump Killer was attacking young women throughout Florida. The trail was slowly making its way south.

Secrets can ruin everything. The problem was that Jeanine's secrets were not the only ones that would affect what was happening. As Jeanine learns more about her husband's past, she realizes that she needs to get away and the Jump Killer could be the perfect way of getting away, if only she could duplicate the pattern.

The problem is you can't runaway from your problems for ever. It may have been more than 15 years, but Nina is going to have to face the past if she is going to save herself, her daughter ... and an African American man falsely accused of being the Jump Killer. She can only do it by coming out of the shadows, risking everything she has built up, and telling the truth of what she knows.

Ledwidge has quickly become one of my favorite co-authours with Patterson. Each of their collaborations has proved to be filled with interesting characters, good plotlines, and an on-the-edge-of-your-seat feelnigs. As more details become clear, the pacing of each book quickens, racing toward and action-packed conclusion. This new volume does not disappoint.

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