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Dorothy MacKeller wrote the following lines way back in the early 1900'sI love a sunburnt country,A land of sweeping plains,Of ragged mountain ranges,Of droughts and flooding rains.I love her far hori...
Caths going to put him on the ouside table and operate it when those walking their dogs go pass for a bit if a stir...
In our travels whenever we stop at a caravan park Cath always remarked how many travellers have a dog with them, the first thing you see after they pull up is the woman getting out and walking the dog...
chili from Hell I went grocery shopping recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and consumed a massive quantity of m...
To all my good friends in mybloggers--here's wishing you a prosperous and happy new year--may health wealth and happiness abide with you throughout 2011...
Recently, SAPOL ran an e-mail forum (a question and answer exchange) with the topic being "Community Policing." One of the civilian email participants posed the following question; "I would like to kn...
THE VET » Mon Sep 27,The next door neighbours asked the old spinster to look after their dog while they went on their holidays. The only problem was that the spinster’s own dog was a bitch that was...
Written by a famous aussie ADAM LINSAY GORDON has been read in all schools as part of our history then made into a film , this rendition by STEVE BISLEY is one of the best i have ever heard.THE MAN FR...
Three little Boys were concerned because they couldn't get anyone to play with them. They decided it was because they had not been Baptized and didn't go to Sunday School. So they went to the nearest ...
Been away again ---life can be good when you retire i'm not into the next bit , notice it says young husband Murder at woolies Tired of constantlybeing broke & stuck in an unhappy marriage, a young hu...
Who said history wasn't fun?Where did Piss Poor come from? Interesting HistoryThey used to use urine to tan animal skins, so familiesused to all pee in a pot & then once a day it was taken & Sold to t...
WHACO THE DIDLIO--- free tucker tonight at daughters hope they have plenty And she's bunging on a roast , must have struck the lottery got me nosebag out and hope it gets filled . its a very rare even...
9/11 LEST WE FORGETTake a few minutes out today to remember those who lost thier lives in this great tragedy and those others who risked their lives saving others ...
THE SENTIMENTAL BLOKE by C.J. Dennis II. THE INTRO 'Er name's Doreen ...Well, spare me bloomin' days!You could er knocked me down wiv 'arf a brick! Yes, me, that kids meself I know their ways, An' 'as...
Well we hope the drought that has held for a decade has been broken here in AUSTRALIA . The first 8 months has seen great rains in the north --eastern and southern states.Rivers flowing into lake eyre...