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About Me

I am a happy bean and the girl who loves to watch NBA games. I am super fan of the Boston Celtics. Besides, I love Roger Federer…. At present, I am reading《The Road Less Travelled》by Scott Peck, who is really an amazing guy……And I am also a conventional girl, a traditional white bride in the traditional church wedding and my dream man who need not very handsome or rich but hold me through the night, getting down on one keen and asking me if I will spend the rest of my life with him. The ring, the church, the question, the promises…All of these will spark ignite into one of the most wonderful experiences of my life……

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The Second day I do my job after Spring Festival, open website and check orders, write down finished always, be easy in others' eyes...My elder brother engaged a girl during the New Year...
Today is Lily's birthday...We will go out and have dinner togetherWOW...LOL.......
Every day when I pick up my bag and hurry off to the building where I worked, I always meet lots of people who rash to their workplace just as me. Now I am thinking that why didn’t I talk with them,...
One of my friends took the picture when he walked on the Feihong Bridge.I like this photo......:)check my photoe gallary if you like and hope have a good day....
I close my eyesTo find in a dreamTo be with youFor a whileBeautiful memoriesAbout our past,Just like the blue skyWill be there alwaysIn my mind..For as long as I liveThe fragrance of youI always feelI...
Low-carbon was the hot topic in 2009, and it has become the life style in 2010, it is replied to every field of work. Low-carbon life, then comes the low-carbon love. Nowadays, more and more white-col...
Tracy and me, we parted on Aug.8 and two years ago on that day, it's Beijing Olimpics...Yesterday, he sent me a message that he had a stomachache, then I replied to him that he should go to see the do...
I asked Tracy why he falls in love with me, he was shy but said:"You smile make me crazy and I love it". I knew that I am special.The beauty lies in our eyes.We are going to move tomorrow, so tonight ...
I work in an IT company and most of my colleagues are young and unmarried. So there is a question that we don't like cook ourselves and many choose to order food, by the way, as I live with my elder s...
Yesterday, when I got off work, I went to the Carrefour to buy some material I cook for the next day. After I was out, sun came out, too. It’s an amazing time; I didn’t know how to express the fee...
Appearances do count?Some of my friends make friends on MySpace, which is a really big platform for us to know new people and I’m also a member of it. There is a strange thing I want to say with you...
Wedding rings symbolize commitment and marital status.We usually were rings in the third finger, so why?There are many theories as to why this particular finger came to symbolize marriage. Both the an...
Tracy and me, we know each other since we were six or seven. We played together and became best friends…… But when I was fifteen and he was fourteen, his moved to another place. We went to differe...
Yesterday one of my friends fired her boss and said to us that she needs my help. Frankly to say that I was shocked, but I still said” okay”. At that time, I thought that she just need a hug from...