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I am a Registered nurse who works primarily in Intensive care/Cardiac care settings. On top of that, I am a news & political junkie, as my blog will demonstrate. Links to further reading is provided for you in my posts, so that you may observe my data for yourself.


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What a spokeswoman for family values huh? Gays marrying, notnatural or "right", Her breasts, not natural and in a spotlight? Thiscomes from the Advocate:Nude Photos of Miss California ExposedClick th...
Free Pictures from DrewpyDraws...
What in the hell is going on? Yes, I am happy that Obama is thepresident elect, but in the same states that supported that, in whichrecord turnout of African Americans came out to vote, look what els...
Play a game while you wait? The Huffpost has a bunch of CNN and MSNBC widgits to monitor the election results. You can see them HERE.You can Check the Senate Races on CNN HERE....
Now go vote!...
I received this notice from Beverly Harris of Blackboxvoting.org.Black Box Voting was asked by YouTube to prepare an easy tofollow public education program for Protecting the Count on ELECTIONNIGHT an...
John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight...
One of the best interviews of Obama in a while. Check it out...pt. 1pt 2....
Oh good lord. I am so ill from all thisbullshit about Obama is going to tax you to death. Those who spill it,apparently have not stopped to compare side by side what the two plansinvolve. I have told ...
Thanks to Alternet for this find... Personally, I already voted, and scared the crap out of our county officials when I started asking if this was a Hart intercivic or ES&S model machine, if the inves...
links provided...Hello gang, sorry about the long absence, had alot going on around here, from feeling under the weather to getting my next work assignment straightened out. Hope you are all voting ea...
   From this week's Rolling stone......Suppressing the vote has long been acornerstone of the GOP's electoral strategy. Shortly before theelection of Ronald Reagan in 1980, Paul Weyrich &mda...