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When The Messiah Comes

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My articles reflect additional thoughts that expand on the author's ten volumes Genesis Begins the Millennia. The work begins in 1995 with a fictional account of ordinary Israelis absorbed with everyday events. There are extraordinary happenings the characters gradually recognize as portents of the Messianic Age. Volumes four and five show why the Messiah decided to delay His arrival. Volumes six through ten [Tradebombers] begin six weeks before the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy. Again, the characters portray ordinary citizen reaction to extraordinary events.

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[Japan: Granny's blog] The first of its kind, a Japanese blog called Sobolog (祖母ログ) [ literally “Grannylog”] crosses three generations, written by a nephew living in...
The Campaign AutopsyBased on Charles Krauthammer's Washington Post ArticleKrauthammer argues that John McCain was the best candidate ever to go down to defeat. McCain was leading when Lehman Brothers ...
On 28 August the Republicans did me a favor by blowing up my two computers. I missed the election. Lucky, I never heard the bad-mouthing.For all their practice at it, the Republican invective falls fl...
It costs five cents per gallon to produce and to distribute gasoline.That's it! The price at the pump in Iraq and Iran is five cents. InVenezuela the price is 12 cents, because their crude is full of ...
Fair wages, fair markets, health security, retirement security, equal justice…for all. - Bernie Horn, OurFuture.org...
Dear LindaI write only for myself, but I attempt to answer some of thequestions you posed to Peter.WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?  WHAT AREYOUR PROPOSITIONS? WHAT ARE YOUR PLANNED ACTIONS?  WHAT ACTIONS ...
Was McCain tortured in Vietnam? Bush says "no"by kos, Daily KosIn all the discussion of John McCain's recently recovered memory of areligious epiphany in Vietnam,one thing has been missing. The tortur...
HuckabeeIs Anybody Decent?McCain and Huckabee profess allegiance to a democratic nation that has killed over 6,000,000 Asians since the beginning of the Vietnam era. At the moment a US armada is steam...
Fear Right and LeftThe Republicans fear massive arrests andexecutions for crimes against humanity and murder. Three preemptive wars havekilled over six millions Asians and tens of thousands of America...
Are You Willing to Die for Georgia?...
Obamav. "Oh, Bomb 'Em"by Robert McElvaine,OpEdNewsRepublicans and self-styled "Christians"are agog over what AndreaMitchell of NBC characterized as the "crisp, immediate, forcefulresponse" John McCain...
You Had to be ThereAlmost everyone believes the poll numbers. After theRepublicans have rigged many recent elections, I remind that it is much easierto distort the polls.Aside from a number of well-pa...
Franz Kafka Would Have Made a Fine Sports Journalist for IndiaIndiaUncut, Asia Wall StreetJournal IndiaDoesn’t Need Olympic PrideA shorter version of this piece was published in Friday&rsqu...
Jamaica Rises One Two Three One TwoCaribbean Beat Blog adds:For all the cliches about laid back, slow-moving West Indians, it's a Jamaican man and Jamaican woman who have managed to outrun the best an...
Is Your Internet Provider Spying on You?Michael Learmonth, Silicon ValleyInsiderEver wonder which ISPs and portals are collecting and storing your surfingdata? Thanks to a Congressional committee, you...