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nothing is possible all of us without an exception came here with nothing to do what we have to do and when the job is done we move on with nothing

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all of uswithout an exceptioncame here with nothingto do what we have to doand when the job is donewe move on with nothing...
post found in dailyOMwould rather call it going with the flowOctober 12, 2004Swimming With The CurrentSurrendering To The Universe Life can often seem like a battle in which it is necessary to make he...
We are all familiar with the Story, but I always like to be reminded (by the way, please note the actual source of the Story for it is a good read): An old man was picking up objects off the beach and...
>_>here is the supreme paradox of being taking care of our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing we are better equipt to bless others and the world at large.This post should be a rem...
is making the police spinning out of control.Police cruiser crashes into west-end homeUpdated: Mon Jan. 26 2009 9:36:29 AMctvtoronto.caResidents of a west-end home got a surprise visit Sunday night af...
Two men charged after Toronto police officer shotUpdated: Sun Jan. 25 2009 7:11:37 PMctvtoronto.caToronto police have arrested and charged two men after an officer was hit in the forehead by a shotgun...
is very commonthere is shooting to settle dispute almost on a daily basishere is my comment:may i suggest the following measures1. news and tv stations should continue to keep detail coverage of such ...
now with so many lay offs maybe this would be worth reflecting upon.....America's Low-Paying JobsBy Anthony Balderrama, writer Jobs at the low end of the pay scale are often overlook...
was sworn in me the most important words were:>>>I stand here today humbled by the task before us.....>>>we the People>>>came in to the highest office at the lowest....>>>so help me God>>>Ame...
herein is found the paradoxPsalms 46: Be still and know I am God. From my daily OM January 20, 2009Staying AfloatRiding the Wave of Life Our lives are continually in motion, buoyed by the wave that is...
this post is a gem the task becomes mundane. meaningless, chore, torture, whatever because of the tag we put on it washing the dishes can be a spiritual exercise if we tag it as such shoveling the sno...
"To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe. I call it stillness, but it is a jewel with many facets: that stillness i...
all those who are truly concerned should move in and be involvedfor too long people are just making noisesand judgement as to who is right and who is wrongmy respect goes to the Israelisfor they do no...
Community : Discussions : Loving What You Hate The Great TransformerLoving What You andrewtungsk 2008/12/20 09:41 AMgreat article for personal reflection however i doubt whether...
>_>What would people bring to their graves?Bury me with my cell phoneDying doesn’t mean hanging it up for some mobile aficionadosDuane Hoffmann / By Diane con...