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I never noticed it before, but in the past few weeks I now realize I have a floater: this tiny black dot that I sometimes see as a shadow or a kind of elusive haze in my right eye that kind of "floats" from my forehead at times and then disappears behind my right cheek like playing hide and seek with me. After researching my microscopic behemoth, I understand that my floater is a clump of collagen deposits found in the vitreous body of the eye, that gel like material covering the back of my eyeball. Floaters are a normal part of aging. Sudden increases of floaters and flashes of light, however, might indicate a serious need for medical attention like a torn or detached retina. YIKES .!!! Flashes of light? !!! About the last thing I want to experience is the 4th of July fireworks taking place in my eye. Fortunately. most floaters are harmless and sometimes go away entirely or shrink after a few weeks or months .....but I'm not waiting that long to find out. Now I've thought of a natural way to get rid of my floater: Drown the little sucker. !! After all, my floater does not have a life guard. Nope. No Pamela Anderson of Baywatch or other bikini clad babe are sitting on my eyebrow like it's a beach. No life preserver on my eyelashes either. So I decided to submerge my head into a bathtub half filled with water and without my Aqua Man goggles i usually wear when I take a bath. I plunged my head dozens of times for about an hour into the bottom of the tub for a minute or two at the most. I just wanted to drown my annoying floater, not kill myself. I'm not stupid. I always come up out of the lukewarm water for air. The results are in. Don't try this at home. My floater is still there. Yes, the little bastard is just a really clean varmint now. The side effects of my treatment to rid myself of this impish little floater is a bruised and bleeding scalp and some chips in the bathtub porcelain where I kept bumping my head.

posted on Dec 31, 2019 8:34 AM ()


Eyes are precious so we have to guard them so we can still get on facebook and our blogs.

comment by elderjane on Jan 1, 2020 5:09 AM ()
I hope you're not serious!
Flashes of light can also indicate glaucoma which requires an immediate appointment with the ophthalmologist. Floaters may or may not be serious. They are common after eye surgery but go away eventually. Personally I'd want to know the cause other than ageing.
comment by jjoohhnn on Dec 31, 2019 11:40 AM ()

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