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Icecream Nightmare

My wife is tired of me complaining about work so I've decided to complain here. I work as a merchandiser in supermarkets in the NYC/Long Island area mostly working with a team doing resets.Basically we move items around in sections of stores according to asinine plan-o-grams made up by imbeciles who have no concept of what the sections look like after we implement their plans.
Well today was icecream. My partner and I rearranged 7 doors of novelties like pops and ices and sandwiches. The half gallons and pints of the major icecream brands and store brands were worked on by other team members.
Ok-here we go. The aisle is narrow to begin with Displays of matzoh for Passover clog the aisle . The freezers are packed out with products. The store knows we are coming for a reset, but as usual-they seem to fill the cases the night before. Everything-and I mean every freaking piece of icecream has to come out. So the aisle is jammed with wagons and milkcrates as we have to "rearrange " the merchandise to this stupid planogram. We have to provide spaces for new items and many items are not allocated; that is to say-are not in the planogram so the store is not supposed to carry them. Ok-no Nestle chocolate cones, no Italian ices. Not allocated. So for hours the icecream and ices melt in wagons. No room in stores freezer in backroom.Frozen manager has that packed too. Customers complain as they can't get throgh the aisle. The tag machine the store gives us to make labels doesn't work. Oh yes-yogurt in the dairy and the cereal aisle also being reset today. Why not clog every aisle?
I hear all day. " why don't you do this at night" from angry customers. "Lady,why don't you shop at night? " Hundreds and hundreds of unallocated Haagendaz pops are melting. Time and time again we tell the frozen manager that we need to put the product in his back freezer or another freezer case. He couldn't care less. After 6 or 7 hours the assistant store manager finally comes over and goes ballistic. He feels all the soft icecream saying it is ruined now. He orders us to put everything immediately into milkcrates and it gets shoved into the back of store under a warm blower on the ceiling. Piles of new unallocated Blue Bunny icecream is already outside the freezer with no place to be put. Yes-another day of resetting gone. Boy-I hate this job but somebody has to do it.!!! Tomorrow-we are resetting the soup section. No soup for you.!!1 Mmmm good .

posted on Apr 8, 2008 6:25 PM ()


Sounds like a lot of money being poured down the drain... Quick question..did this store not have room behind the display cases for yall's crew to work behind it? Guess not...I think everybody's job has those kinda days..
comment by elfie33 on Apr 12, 2008 7:40 AM ()
Mark I'm sure I've asked you b4, @ R U still working there
comment by lynnie on Apr 10, 2008 6:34 PM ()
This brings back memories! The guy I worked for never figured out that it took more time and labor to repeatedly handle product on which he only saved a few cents by ordering it in advance. Made the job more boring than it had to be too.
comment by jjoohhnn on Apr 8, 2008 7:11 PM ()
That does sound like a nightmare! My friend is a merchandiser so I hear simular stories from her weekly.
comment by wickedwitchofthewest on Apr 8, 2008 7:09 PM ()

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