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Neon Is Back!

Computing & Technology > Blogging > MyBloggers is Almost Ready!

MyBloggers is Almost Ready!

Although there have been many of you that have already signed up, MyBloggers is almost ready to officially open its doors. We are going to be offering lot of cool free features. Here is a partial list of features that we think are particularly cool and/or unique:

1. Text-to-speech - This is a feature that will display a play button next to your post title. When a blog reader wants to have the post read to them, they press the play button. All blog posts on MyBloggers will have this feature.

2. MyBloggers.com Email - All MyBloggers users will get an email address and a full featured webmail program. If your username is "thomas", then your email address will be thomas@mybloggers.com. There are plenty of great usernames (email addresses) left. So, signup, and get your friends to signup and get a good one before they are gone!

3. Polaroid Photo Gallery - We have one of the simplest and coolest photo galleries. It performs like a pile of Polaroid photos sitting on a coffee table. You can shuffle through them, or double-click to zoom in!

4. Member Chat Area - Pretty straight forward...click on the "Chat" button to chat with other members. We also have private chat as well.

5. Ease of Use - Our easy to use platform allows users to customize the look and functionality of their site without the fear to messing up like other "My" sites. Sorry, I could not resist!

6. Song Lyrics - Can't think of the lyrics to a particular song? Just do a search of our Song Lyrics database. We have over 200,000 song lyrics listed.

7. Local Weather - Users will have their local weather displayed on their site. You can also get regularly updated weather forecasts.

All this, and what we believe is one of the best and easiest blog platforms around. Let us know if there is a particular feature that you are looking for. Remember, our motto is "Sharing Made Easy".

posted on Dec 11, 2007 11:11 AM ()


That is awesome but can you tell me about the email, whether it could send/receive from other email such as Yahoo, hotmail etc?
comment by mustakim on Feb 7, 2008 1:03 PM ()
Great Blog platform here. There is one minor item t consider - the article links. Currently, the only way to view the articles is from the main page. It would seem to be more beneficial to include the article links in the fixed columns. I would think this option would help to keep readers on individual blogs longer.

Thanks for the great site!
comment by whereabouts on Feb 1, 2008 5:25 AM ()

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