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All About Me & Who am I? That could take awhile to explain..... lets just say where I've been. Born into a dysfunctional family, saved by the US Military. Educated by GI bill of rights , polished by the school of hard knocks. Been shot at, stabbed, beaten and loved. Met the worst and best people in the world. Learned what "take the best leave the rest" meant. Believes that the 12 steps works. One day at a time. Appreciates the humor God has given me and He posses. Did I mention that I talked to God. Believe that every one of us is important and together we can change the world. Hopes to leave fingerprints on a lot of minds. Music that may be different.Grouch Shuffle - Fulanito

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Just a little up to date info for our seniors who won't be getting a cost of living increase because our leaders say that the cost of living hasn't gone up. Apparently their illegal house keepers don'...
This resulted from a Mom in Alabama asking her high school son to help with a commercial for the Tea Party she was involved in organizing.Boy, does it slam the message home.  Very impressive.&nbs...
Help how do you delete articles.. lol
My Imeem Friends.wmv (file://RICHARD-PC/Users/Richard/Desktop/Desktop/Videos/My%20Imeem%20Friends.wmv)These are pictures from around the world, sent to me by my IMEEM friends.  Hope you enjoy them....
ugh this is not going well today...
Happy Mothers day Mothers Day Special...
Please come play with me and enjoy the music. ...
Sharing a piece of my past with my MyBloggers friends.
I have set up thousands of photos and thousands of music selections on Imeem.  Come see and say hello. I miss ya all'Richard W.
Angels are among us - Richard W....
Broken sea Shells - Richard W....
Broken sea Shells - Richard W....
L O V EWhen I was a child, love to me was a stuffed animal, as I grew older, Love was an other word for lust, as I grew older still, LOVE was something I never really had. Now that the end is nearing ...
As many of you know i have been blessed these last 31/2 years.  I got to make friends on here andother web sites.  The best part is I got to meet some very great (at least to me) people in m...
My heart has been touched this year by so many at a time when the ship was sinking.  It's very hard to swallow pride and take that next step.  I have missed my Blogster friends, may be I'll ...