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I'm a 20 year old ( almost 21) gal just doing what I love and loving what I do. Got a lucky break through my internship and am working as a social worker at a nursing home. Still going to school to finsih up my education. Have been dating a great guy for a year. I previously made some great friends on here, but had quit blogging for awhile. But I'm back now!!

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I think I will just stick to sporadic writing from now on lol. Writing my feelings is like therapy for my soul, it just sucks that I can't hardly find the time to do it. I have a month long break from...
I have tried four times to write an article and each and every time I have been interrupted. Things have been crazy, chaotic, and hectic to say the least. Between work, school, hw, and other obligatio...
So it's Wednesday. Only an exciting day because it marks the middle of the week, which works for me. Most of my weeks are spent wishing for Friday to just hurry up and get here anyway. Sometimes, actu...
My weekend was filled with partying, dancing, gambling, eating, live music, and friends. I celebrated 21 and now I'm content for awhile lol. Friday night Mike and I went and got wings at a sports bar ...
Things are much better today. I got my new glasses yesterday at like 2pm, and then went and got my license. Guess my eye Dr. had called them and faxed them my info so I didn't have to do that stupid e...
I failed the stupid eye exam at DMV this morning and am super duper upset about it. I have an appt at my eye doctor's at 2pm. I have to get a whole nother eye exam and have them sign off on the DMV pa...
... to myself!! I bought myself a 2006, Silver, Mazda 3 on Saturday!! It was so necessary though b/c my car was falling apart. No ac, transmission fluid leak, cracked dash, 120,000 miles and the list ...
It has been a long week. Well, for some reason they all seem long these days. Eh, maybe I'm just getting old lol. I will be 21 in 5 days afterall ( yes, I had to slip that in there haha!) Work has bee...
for Friday to FINALLY come!! TGIF! My 10 day streak ends here. I have been so tired the past couple of days. This morning I woke up thinking that it was Saturday and was sooo disappointed when reality...
My 21st b-day of course!! I try not too think about it too much or the excitement consumes me, but WOW this *is* a big one! It's not gonna change my life too, too much cause I'm not much of a drinker....
I cannot seem to get myself motivated today. I am super tired and I just got back from vacation! What gives?! I will be working like 10 days straight and tiredness is not good, not good at all. Sunday...
Today is my first day back from vacation. I had some anxiety and stress coming into work, but now that I'm here I'm feeling OK, for now anyways. Vacation was a blast! Mike's sister's wedding was b-e-a...
That's what my life has been for the past week. It's mainly work drama that has leaked into my personal life. Or maybe it's more of my personal life that has leaked into my work. I dunno... All I know...
Ahhh gotta love Mondays! NOT! I wish I was still curled up in my bed "talking to the wall" as Mike informs me that I often do lol. He says I talk in my sleep almost every night. Apparently I mumble, a...
Here I sit, at my desk, at work, on a Sunday. Suprised? Yeah, me too... Ha. But I was off Monday, and Friday Mike and I leave for Rhode Island. So I needed to make up some hours and play catch up. Fri...