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I have stopped using this blog simply because I just have too many blogs right at this time. However, if you would still like to keep in touch with me, know what I am up to, etc, you can head over to the following links that will take you to me directly.




4. LIVEJOURNAL...yes I started using this again.


6. or if you play games on POGO.COM, my screen name there is rockmom71.

Don't get me wrong, I have grown huge respect for each and every one of you, but I just had to minimize some websites. You guys and gals are awesome and I hope that each and every one of you come find me on the web so we can continue to stay in touch.

Thank you and keep rock'n my friends!

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Please check out my profile https://mybloggers.com/blogmom/ Thanks....
My son and I took the dog for walk and I thought that I would post some random pictures. Pic #1 is me (stating the obvious), pic #2 is some kind of plant...don't know what it is called, pic #3 is a pi...
Finally she got all that fur off yesterday evening. It's been pretty hot out lately and you can just tell that she looks much cooler and feels better. She, however, does have a slight ear infection in...
My Horoscope"Expanding your horizons? More like taking them to their limits. If it's new, you want to know about it. If it's different, you're dying to experience it. You're all about exploration and ...
Since my cell phone had accidently got dropped in the toilet on Saturday, I finally got a new one. This is what it looks like.  All the features are LOCATED HERE. Much better than THIS PHONE...
Your result for The 80's Test...The Master of the Universe!You slapped a radical 18 out of 30 High-Fives!Bodacious, you are truly the Ferris Bueller of 80's quizzes. Take this opportunity to lay back ...
Morning people. I am here, I swear! There has just been alot of drama around here lately. My friend, her husband, and their two kids had to stay with us for a couple days. So all together (including u...
Work is over and my foot has been better through about half the day (see previous blog entry).On Monday, I am going to make appointments for my son and I (I am pretty sure he might be due for update s...
Ugh! CHILDREN! Woke up this morning and my son had a small army truck on the floor in our room. I wasn't too awake yet and I stepped on it in the arch of my foot. That was about 45 minutes ago and it ...
Cruefest Pictures 2008Uploaded by yvonne71...
On Tuesday, I was talking to someone on the house phone and all of a sudden, I get a call from my store Manager (which has been gone for over a week out of town). This was strange, since I didn't have...
I did the best that I could with the video footage, but you for sure get the idea. I got more video clips of Papa Roach and Motley of course. Seeing the way Papa Roach gets the crowd going, I do want ...
Ok, that didn't work. So just CLICK ON THIS LINK to see those pictures. Sorry about that....
Finally, I have Cruefest pictures for everyone to see(I'm the one in the black shirt). Starting from the picture with bright red lights, is Motley Crue all the way. It started out where we entered Sum...