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Moved to Hawaii five years ago. Well ... why not? Brought my two doggies with me ( ... plus my over-active mind which I should have left behind) I've been around-the-block. College in Oregon and Arizona, three years US Army (Hawaii), ten year Diplomatic Corp (Chile, Cambodia, Laos and Ecuador), ten years teaching (San Diego), then retired to Costa Rica. Was doing OK in Real Estate. Now I'm poor and pissed off. Not really (but kind of).

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I was watching CSPAN last night ... Radio Television Correspondants Dinner, which wasn't very exciting, except for their guest-entertainer, Joe Wong. Very funny guy. Check him out: https://www.c-spanv...
The pursuit of happiness. Is that something you're interested in? Me too. Someone much smarter than me has written an article on the subject. Here's the link:
I taped a segment of The Dog Whisperer (my favorite TV show) last week and watched it today. It was Season 4, Episode 28, called "Apollo and Maggie". The first half of the show was about a young Chica...
This morning I was reading in the NY Times about more and more people walking away fom their mortgages. I've considered taking this action my...
"In the middle of the night, George was pacing back and forth in his room, unable to sleep. This woke his wife, who asked him why he couldn't sleep. He replied, "You know that thousand dollars I borro...
Someone sent me this quote: "I have most loved people who cared little or nothing for me and when people have loved me I have been embarrased - in order not to hurt their feelings, I have often acted ...
I listened to an interview on PBS last night between Bill Moyers and Greg Mortensen , who wrote (Three Cups of Tea) about his experiences in Afghanistan … building schools. It got me thinking …I t...
My Dad once sold a house with a hand-shake. We lived in Alaska and when we moved back to Oregon in 1940, he sold our house to a stranger. A year later it burned down (accident with the kerosene lamp ....
Whew, I made it through another New Years Eve in Hawaii. The fireworks was worse than I expected. People are now making homemade bombs. They're illegal and can make your house (and head) rattle. My tw...
Time to gather up my animals and hide out in the bedroom until the insanity passes. Honolulu is like a war zone ... noise and smoke. Yikes. ...
It's 7 a.m. and I'm getting over my usual morning-bad-mood. Good thing I live alone. A little coffee and helps. They just played a lovely piano sonata by Rachmaninoff. Woke up at 4 this mo...
My gym had a xmas party Sunday and I won the raffle. It's an $80 Complimentary Hair Color Certificate. That got a big laugh from my friends at the "senior" table. Actually, my head of hair is about th...
Los Angeles Times | Dec. 12, 2009 | 8:50 p.m. Breaking: Houston voters elect first openly gay mayor Annise Parker, a lesbian who has never made a secret or an issue of her sexual orientation, tonight ...
One of the things I like about MyBloggers is that every blog shows the writer's DOB and location. I also like reading the profiles. I just did mine. Next plan is to post some photos. Hope you like dog...