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I may not like Dooney & Bourke bags or own a dog smaller than most cats or whine incessantly in the hopes that some "Man" will fix my problems, but I am still a Woman. Soft. Strong. Witty. Impish. Warm...and forever in search of the perfect shoe.

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I know I have been absent from the blogosphere for a good while the last few years have seen me doing a lot of work on the road and when you’re working 18hr days 6 days a week it gets difficult to w...
Yeah. I'll be posting a blog in the next day or two. I'm kinda tired of my life being held hostage by one show or another.SO I'M TAKING IT BACK BITCHES!!...
A girl really needs to adjust her boobs & bra several times a day....Personally I readjust the girls whenever I go to the ladies room.Just a say'n........
I hate that I have managed to let my blog laps for so long. It's made me rusty in my writing. Not that there is anything to write about. Working in the freelance world of LA I'm either balls-to-the-wa...
How dare you play me. How fucking dare you. Prick.My only mistake was letting my guard down. I expect such behavior from men in LA. Obviously this was a misconception. An ass is an ass no matter what ...
My days with the Circus are near an end. Glad to be done, but sad to see the paycheck go away....
....I work with clowns.And not the fun kind either!...
Greetings my fellow Bloggers!! I apologize for such a long hiatus from blogging. I’d like to say I’ve been too busy living to blog….but alas that is not the case.Most of 2010 was spent working, ...
Been chill-axing the last 3 weeks after working almost non-stop since the beginning of the year and WOW am I bored....I hate this. 3 weeks feels more like 3 months! Blech!...
I feel the need to blog since it's been WAY too long. Sadly I have no clue on what to blog about. Seems my life has taken a turn into Boringville and needs a refresher.Thoughts?...
A decent bra fitting at least once a year. However I seem to have gone from a DD to an FWHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE!? SERIOUSLY?!...not bitter......
Will I ever blog again?? This is the question.Too much workNot enough time.......
Yes - I am still here and alive!Yes - I have had much going on that kept me from blogging.Yes - I realize that's a bad excuse....
In the last few months we have seen a movement of people protesting against the Obama administration and what they believe to be big spending in government. We’ve seen parades, rallies, protests and...
I hate be unemployed! Never mind being broke – that just goes with the territory! What I really am is BORED!!! I’m so bored….I’ve gone to the gym.I’ve walked the dog.I’ve entertained my pa...