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Hendren Global Group News Review - Cincinnati Poll

Cincinnati poll worker charged with voting six times in November
Obama supporter Melowese Richardson charged with illegal voting in 2008 and 2011 for allegedly voting at least six times after admitting voting twice in the presidential election last November. But, in an interview on a local TV station, Richardson claims that she was worried that her vote would not count and she was no intention to commit any voter fraud.
She voted in her own name by absentee ballot and also in person at the polls, officials charged, but Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Deters said she was also charged with voting in the name of five other people in various elections.
Deters also added in an avowal, every vote is important and every voter and candidate needs to have faith in the system. Furthermore, this is not North Korea and the current arraignments must let people know that this is a staid matter.
Following by the 58-year-old veteran Cincinnati poll worker now faces eight counts of voter fraud which one is a nun.
At this time, The Hamilton County Board of Elections publicized that there was an investigation whether she voted six times, counting her vote on behalf of her granddaughter, India Richardson, this made Richardson to national headlines.
But voting twice or in another person’s name is illegal.
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I don't know how they can handle that but they're pretty resilient.
comment by jaquihiller on Apr 21, 2013 8:25 PM ()

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