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a mother of two beautiful children with a supportive man by my side. i am strong, confident, candid and sexy..whatch out! i love the arts, gardening, biking and camping.

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i am doing my part to go green.  i went to whole foods today and bought each one of my family a recycled toothbrush!  the handle is made from 100% recycled plastic and after three months (wh...
Here is a lovely shot of our house in the last snow storm we two darlings....
i am so excited to be outfitting my 1967 home in modern mid-century pieces. this is my first on the to do list..its a carsons of highpoint and as you can see needs a lot of work. at first Julian, with...
i had a very disturbing dream last night. it shook me so bad i cried.i help to run a large public building. it consists of studios occupied by artists. there are benches to sit on and art work on the ...
i wanted to share some newly discovered design websites. i realize they may be old to others...i never said i was hip.
first off - HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!happy to be back...its been a wonderful yet busy end/beginning of the year. so we bought a house! so exciting. i will have to post pictures next time around. i am curre...
Kissy2008 hosted a fab sunday night (boy was i payin' for it the next day) carving party.  sure the mulled warm wine helped a bit with the creativity errr for some.  we had planned for a contest...b...
we are all excited k and i are able to get away for the weekend. originally we liked the idea of a b&b. in talking to different people they reminded us that it is like being at home...errr your moms h...
Hi there!  its me and i am back in the swing.  my girl kissy2008 FINALLY put me on to this mybloggers mess and i am happy to be here.  i see a lot of my old friends are here and i cant wait to catc...