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Business > What is Wpengine?

What is Wpengine?

What is WPEngine? I decided to find out and I'm posting this in case anybody else is wondering the same thing.

WPEngine is a adaptive managed host plan built specifically for WordPress websites which focuses on a few main WordPress website issues: Loading Speed, Security and Stability.

WPEngine is an up and coming web host in comparison to others available. However, with intelligent management and intelligent solid market position, WPEngine has attracted plenty of influencers and heavy hitters in the WordPress website community. Since WPEngine's launch, the folks behind, Automattic, invested in the WPEngine platform in late 2011. SoundCloud, SportsNetworker, MarketingClique and Blatternet are just a few of the most popular websites that are now using the solid WPEngine hosting.

What's So Great About WPEngine?

First things first In case you missed it: WPEngine is a dedicated WordPress managed webhost.

WPEngine Hosting - What's Good

So what about WPEngine is causing all the hype?

Here's the biggest and best advantages of WPEngine Hosting:

• It'sManaged By WordPress Experts

From the company's CEO to the managers and the basic support folks, WPEngine is packed with WP specialists and all of them is highly trained in WordPress. It is truly the WordPress host with the best WordPress help.

• Perfectly Optimized Servers

WPEngine, as they say, is proven endlessly by many successful bloggers and sites to be incredibly responsive.

• Ever Scalable, Don't Fret About Becoming Too Trendy

WPEngine assures you of almost constant server uptime - In large part due to the use of of cloud computing know-how.

• Protected WordPress Host System

If you use WPEngine, all WordPress upgrades and malware searches are done for you
while you sleep, website backup is done every day, and the company guarantees secure hosting environment. Users have almost nothing to worry about with respect to site security with WPEngine.

• Support With Migrating Your Site

If you're too inexperienced to switch over your website? The folks at WPEngine are ready to take care of your WordPress migration.

Relatively Cheap Managed Hosting Option

It's true, WPEngine's price per month may have driven a handful of potential users to find other options, I found WPEngine to be pretty inexpensive choice, as I'm just hosting one URL

Let's do some math. Ball parking it, what does a sturdy WP security or maintenance plugin cost? VaultPress, for one example, is going to run about $40 a month; BackupBuddy, for another example, will run about $75 the least. Include regular WP hosting charges - say BlueHost, for about $10 for a month and that's about $80$ a month simply for running your WordPress blog in safe hands.

Now, a basic plan from WPEngine, the entry level plan will set you back $29 month for just one WordPress website. That price also tosses in various security measures and features like every-single-day site backups, malware scanning, fast backup restoration, fully managed WP upgrades, and hacker free guarantees.

Still think WPEngine is expensive? it doesn't have to be!

Should I Select A WP Engine Managed Hosting Plan?

I can't in all honesty advocate WPEngine for novices that are new to blogging. There are more inexpensive options out there like BlueHost. In addition, if you run a bunch of low traffic WordPress sites; then there really is no reason to migrate over to WPEngine - there are cheaper options

A managed host like WPEngine might just be perfect, if…

• You're running a single WordPress site which usually gets medium to heavy traffic levels;

• You anticipate there could be a possibility of your site hitting the front pagea site like Delicious or Echo ;

• You are paying your rent with your WordPress site;

• You are constantly worried about being hacked on your website;

• You don't completely love shepherding the tedious jobof WordPress maintenance;

If you have stayed this long, WPEngine managed hosting service is probably the ideal host for you.

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