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Live it up like a Local When You Come to London

There is nothing quite like coming to a new and vibrant city and knowing exactly where to go. You can of course, if you are new to London, go down the tourist route, and marvel at every iconic building and monument that London is famous for, or, if you do your homework right, you can hit the ground running and enjoy London like a local. In order to do this all you need to do is a little light online research, and maybe ask your well travelled friends for tips. Or you can of course enlist the help of gorgeous escorts in London, or even arrange a date with a friend in the middle of London. No matter how you go about it, there are a few places where every local Londoner, or every tourist wanting to look like a local Londoner, should go.

Most native Londoners who want to use free wifi and be in the midst of gorgeous young people drinking coffee or juices and eating Panini’s know that the best place to do all these things is at Joe and The Juice. Coming here you will be able to bask in the glow of beauty and things that are good for you and you will be able to use the free wifi to look for other great cafes in the area, perfect if you manage to work up the courage to ask that gorgeous barista out, or lovely escorts in London.

If you have a date up your sleeve then you will need to take them somewhere, or at the very least know where to meet up with them. If you are after an evening date with a little good alcohol then you have many places to choose from. If money isn’t much of an issue then Gordon’s Wine Bar is a great place to come. It’s cavernous, cool and smells damp and of good wine. Here you can espouse on your knowledge of wine and how good your nose is, and escorts in London will be very impressed with your knowledge. If you aren’t such a fan of wine and want a good old fashioned fun night out, then heading for Cafe Kick may be your scene. Here you can eat nachos, drink beer and play table hockey to your heart’s content. It may not be the epitome of romance, but it is the epitome of cool and a favourite among locals.

By steering clear of the high street, iconic monuments and anywhere else that is inundated with tourists means that you can plunge ever deeper into enjoying local London culture, and come out with some very unique memories of one of the greatest cities on earth.

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StevenFinn is a freelance writer, who contributes to numerous blogs and websites. He is the author of vlondon article on live it up like a local when you come to london. For more information Contact StevenFinn

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