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Well where do I start, My name is Michael and I am 24, I live in York which is in northern England, it is one of the oldest citys in the country and has many attractions such as the minster and the yorvick center. I live with my partner Adrian who is absolutly wonderful together we like traveling and seeing new things, we love the theater and dining out. My personal Hobbies are Knitting, Sewing, DIY and Cooking and if you havent already guessd Star Trek, I do like other thing besides Star Trek so please dont think I am only interested in that. Adrians Hobbies are Railways, Gardening, Animals and DVD's. I am new to blogging so please forgive me if I am a bit slow.

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For many years I have found the subject of the Titanic to be bewitching, I have every book that has been published about it and I have seen everything that has ever been shown on T.V. On Saturday 14t...
Kittys first flea bath no biting or scratching surprisingly, however I do think she is plotting revenge mwhahahahaI KILLLLLL YOUUUUU !!!...
Just thought I would share a picture of my new cat who is called Guinness she is 8 years old and the lady who owned her had to go into a nursing home and sadly if they couldnt find a home for her she ...
My dad used to read this to me every Christmas eve it was the only way he could get me to go to sleep, I miss him so much and he will be in my thoughts this year and forever. So MERRY CHRISTMAS to all...
I have recently discovered a new knitting group near where I live called Snickleway knitters and last night decided to go along and join the group, I didnt know what to expect having never been to a k...
In my recent post I talked about a felting machine that was like a sewing machine and I thought I would add a picture just so you could see what I was talking about I have no desire to buy one I do al...
I must admit im very lazy when it comes to writing anything on here but really my life is just not that interesting. Let me see whats happened that I can tell you about, well last december I moved int...
After we had been to Tofino we returned home exhausted and weighed down with wool the next day me Marg and DH went to Nanaimo and met up with maryc and nursekim and nursekims DS and we all went out to...
Yesterday I tried uploading some pictures in my blog from my vacation but for some reason the picture software I used didn't work properly and uploaded the same picture over and over again so I have w...
Im sorry its taken a while to post the continuation of my holiday but I will explain in a later post.One of the Highlights of my Vacation was when DH and Marg took me to Tofino. We started early in th...
On Thursday nursekim and Maryc arrived early to take us out for the day to coombs, parksville and nanaimo. our first stop was at a country market called "goats on roof" it sold all kinds of wonderful ...
When we arrived back at Marg's house I was greeted by angel who isn't and shown to my room where I unpacked and setled in, the first night I was in bed by 9.30pm as jet lag had caught up with me. I wa...
I have been home now for 24 hours and finally have the energy to blog about my holiday, it was earlier this year that Adrian and his sister decided they wanted to go visit Cuba, I don't like beach hol...
Hi everyone,Well that time is upon us again cant believe how quickly Christmas is approaching I have started my seasonal knitting early this year in hopes of actually finishing in time so far I only h...
I spent all day yesterday knitting a bag which was going to be my first ever felted project, I knitted the body in a really nice beige merino and the sides and bottom and handle in a brown flecked Yor...